Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Sociopath versus sociopath;one good and one evil. This story is fast-paced and extremely well developed. The characters are tangible and so is the tension in the telling of such events as murder and human trafficking. The plot is thick and twisted and is developed through the characters rather than the characters developing through the plot. All issues are resolved in very satisfying methods.

That's the story. Now to the writing. This author could write a phone book that would keep you breathless till the very end. The writing is flowing and natural. Not an extra word anywhere yet full and rich and ripe for a one sitting read. Masterfully indulging the reader in a whole gambit of emotions that his main characters cannot feel is a clever and delicious mode of delivery.

I'm now going to read BROTHER ( his other novel ) and wait for the next book by this amazing author. I hope he also turns out to be a prolific author though I'm not sure he could top this work.

I received this book free from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.
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