Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Self-Publishers Ultimate Resource Guide - Review

I received an ARC (advance reading copy) of this kindle book in exchange for an honest review. Succinctly, it was free. Having read it, I can honestly say I would gladly have paid more than the retail price.

It is a book of lists, not a instructive or wordy book. The printed version is a great desk-top reference book, but I must tell first my favorite feature in the Kindle version. Its CLICKABLE! Every item on every list is a link you can click and be taken there and explore. Then come right back and click on another link for more information. It's so easy!

Looking for a cartoonist or a translator, trade organizations, print on demand or book production software? Simply go to that sub-heading and click on as many links as you want to investigate. No typing in each URL. What a time savor.

The introduction states that the goal of the book "is to make this process easier for you." I cannot imagine how it might be made any easier to use. Very well organized, the three main categories: prepare, publish and promote, are divided into multiple sub-categories which contain the links.

As an extra bonus, there is a free guide titled TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO,KNOW ABOUT SELF-PUBLISHING included as a download.

I recommend this resource highly and rate it at 5 stars.
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