Monday, January 12, 2015


This was a hard read, Mr. King. Even after reading the author's note, preface and prologue, there is no way to prepare the reader for what is to come. DRIVEN TO KILL is the story of a murdering pedophile, simply put, but the necessary details are painful to read.

Every one of the books (and there are many) by King make you think hard about evil in this world and the question of monsters being born evil or made evil. This reviewer knows that evil is born. This book, however, magnifies the way our society of man is able to develop evil in an individual starting early. Neglect seemed to be the main shaping tool used on Westly Alan Dodd, by parents, police, the system that let him slip through so many times, and many, many encounters with others. As Dodd himself commented:

"I could have been stopped over 10 years ago, but each of those times no charges were filed. I was taught by the police That I could molest children and get away with it. When, much later, charges were filed, I did only 3weeks in jail. I later committed 3 very violent offenses (ending with murders), while I should have been only half way through a 10 year prison term in Idaho (of which I served only 4 months)."

We did teach him through neglect and repeatedly letting him slip through the fingers of justice.

Well written in the King style, I recommend this book, but not for the faint of heart. The grisly details are necessary to the story, but are disturbing.
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