Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Aoleon The Martian Girl / Review

What a HOOT! This is only the hilarious beginning of a story intended for grade to middle schoolers with its action-packed can't put it down adventure, but it left me wanting more. The author has populated the pages of his story with laugh out loud goodies that adults will enjoy too. Think of the President of the United States in his underwear (bearing the presidential seal) and his bunny slippers speaking to the joint chiefs of staff including Englebert Humperdink III. There is a dog named Tripod whose name used to be Oscar before the accident. And of course, "Elvis has left the building" means more to a more mature person than one who is in grade school now.

This book is like MONSTERS INC or other animated movies that are for children but adults get a few unexpected giggles for their money too. The illustrations are also like those movies-richly hued and sometimes superimposed on a real backdrop. Some are from the Hubble telescope; all are beautiful.

The plot is for the Martians to take all the milk cows from earth, although the reason not given in this Part One. The earth boy and martian girl who are the stars of the book must gather evidence and try to keep this from happening. There is a nice twist in that the girl is the smart one with the powers, not the boy.

My opinion is that it would be most appropriate for the higher end of the grade-middle scale and would not be more enjoyable for one gender than the other. I was thoroughly entertained by my advanced copy of Part One and give it a five star rating. It will launch January 31, 2015, but don't wait. You can Pre-order HERE.

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