Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Hi Gale,

It has come to my attention that you are disappointed with the delay in getting Hook to Heal published. As I said in my last update, I would be happy to refund anyone who doesn't want to continue to wait for the book.

Hook to Heal does still have a 2014 release date. The issue has not been a matter of lack of time. I've been very committed to this project. It's been a desire to get the book in its best possible form before it goes out. As I also said in my last update, I wanted to incorporate information from my new graduate studies.

The text is now written and I'm working on figuring out the layout. I'm wanting to include photos for the exercises and there's a big learning curve for me as I'm not skilled at layout with images.

I was so sad to hear that you were letting people know that you were disappointed. I have worked hard to keep people apprised of the situation and to offer refunds due to the delay. Hook to Heal will be out before the end of the year but please let me know immediately if you want a refund and where to send it.


Printed here for to make up your own mind. It's a story I've heard too long. So for those who want a refund, here she is in writing offering one.
I last posted in July of 2013 that the new book "is still due out later this year." The project details are HERE which shows the date, and you can see this in my post of February 27, 2013. 
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