Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This is a wonderful book that helped me change my life for the better. The sub-title sets it apart from other self help books. Look again.

BALANCE. That's all I want. Balance. And, of course the author being a PhD again sets this apart from most authors who are trying to help us help ourselves.

These are her words that have become my mantra.

Choose peace.
Choose change.
Choose you.

You can start anywhere in the book. Small change matters. This book is about putting yourself first, getting enough rest, learning to say no when you should, etc. but it does not scream at you to get the bad guys out of your life now before anything else. Neither does it preach "let go let god". Letting go or exiling others are both big hard things to do.

It's about small, subtle changes and a very logical explanation of why you want to choose to make these changes. Just reading the book evokes a sense of serenity. I know no one who could not benefit from the knowing about what choices you have and which ones you want. It can only do you good to read it and I strongly suggest that you do.

I neglected to give her blog address link which is HERE.

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