Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Today I received an email from author Emma Thornton regarding my review of her book. It follows.
Dear Ms. Cooney,

I have no words to express how thankful I am for your review of The Fasting Diet book on Amazon.
I was just updating the book with a new title and cover and your review came at a perfect time.

Thank you for pointing out the terrible omission regarding the amount of water one should consume. It should have said "half your body weight IN OUNCES". I have immediately corrected this and I have added the link you could not find (HERE)

I am deeply sorry for this mistake and so very thankful that you pointed it out.

Would it be all right for you to remove the warning from your review, please, given that I have corrected the problem (it will show up in the new file tomorrow, if you have automatic updates you will receive it)? I completely understand if you decide to leave the 3 star rating, but the warning is no longer warranted as I have corrected the issue and I am afraid people will think it is still there.

I worked hard on that book doing careful research and joining up with a nutritionist and a chef for the recipes (because I am a terrible cook but I thought having some low-calorie recipes would be useful). The book went to a proofreader and an editor as well and I am very sorry to say we all missed that error.

If there is anything else you would have liked to see in the book (or not seen), please let me know as readers feedback is so very helpful.

Again, many thanks and many apologies.



Therefore I am removing my WARNING and updating my rating to 4 stars. The cover and the title have since been changed.

You may see my original review and original cover HERE

If anyone needs an excellent proof-reader at no charge, please contact me.
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