Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'M THAT GUY - Review

This was an unusual format for a book. My review on follows. (Click HERE to read it and others there.)

Gambit of Southern Concerns, April 8, 2014
By Boocoos aka Gale Cooney "Boo"
This review is from: I'm That Guy: Collected Columns of a Southern Journalist (Kindle Edition)

That Guy compiled this book from his published articles. Unfortunately that's how it reads; more like a file than a book. What he has written is well-written with an arid dry sense of humor covering politics, observations, information and facts - so many facts! I really enjoyed his style and his humor. However, imagine opening a drawer in a file cabinet and reading every sheet of paper therein. You can start at the front, back or from the middle. It makes no difference because the only loose connection is that they are contained in the same drawer. Each paper is interesting and well written, but it's hard to continue reading so many different pages with so very little connection. This does not read like a book. More like a newspaper.

I like everything in the files, but unless forced, would not try to read them all in just a few sittings. The best way to read this book is in little bites. It tastes better that way and each morsel tastes better savored alone than in an awkward blend.

I received a copy for review from Story Cartel where they offer free books for honest reviews. I recommend this book and would like to know That Guy in person. Again, in small doses.

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