Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Do You Think?

Bestselling crime writer Sophie Hannah is to write the as-yet untitled novel in Christie’s style, which will be published next year. That's part of the story you can read HERE and I'd like to know how you feel about Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot being written by someone else. It doesn't matter who, just someone else. If you read then whole article, you'll find that "someone else" is writing a new James Bond as well.
Is this trend a good thing? Will more of the greats be written by new authors? Is it that today's authors aren't greats yet and this will fill the gap? I think not. I think each generation of authors produces one or two greats so there should be a continuous flow OR that the greats were the greats and if no more come along then they have a place all alone in history-not to be intruded on by the carry-on-in-the-tradition authors. Will this trend take anything away from the original authors?
Several women have played Mrs. Marple. As far as I know only David Suchet has played Hercule Poirot , and all have brought Christie's characters to life extremely well. But, they all played Christie characters. Is the author as interchangeable as the actors who play the characters?
Or is it money? The families of Christie and Flemming and others using smoke and mirrors to make more of their respective inheritances sounds so distasteful on the tongue, but many truths are bad tasting.
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