Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Every Day - Review

This is my review on Amazon for a nearly free book that could change your life.

HAPPY EVERY DAY - Simple, Effective Ways to Better Days
Price: $0.99

Fantastically Amazing, October 9, 2013

This review is from: HAPPY EVERY DAY - Simple, Effective Ways to Better Days (Kindle Edition)

I thought about reading another self-help book about like mopping the kitchen floor. Ho hum. In less than 50 short pages this author spun my head in a 360!
How is a man so young able to capture the knowledge of ages? How to polish and hone that into 26 concise steps and make it feel like a conversation between friends?
I'm working on taking out the white spaces and try to compress this so I can laminate it and carry with me always. This has helped me so much. I am proud to say I was already using a couple of these strategies, but in a vague and not so effective way. He has clarified everything and reconciled it with reason that cannot be denied.
I highly recommend this book, but only to those who want the power and understanding (same thing?) to defy their demons by simply being kind to their own souls.
This should be taught in grade school thru college, in churches and on the street. It is as essential as water especially if you are thirsting. Basic, self- evident truths to happier living.


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