Monday, November 25, 2013

Free Writing Book From Joanna Penn

This is an offer not to be missed! If you haven't signed up for her newsletter, do it now and get help anytime from this amazing author, blogger,speaker. Check out her twitteriffic knowledge base; it's everything on everything writing.

Following is excerpt from what Joanna wrote today.


I'm excited to announce the latest version of the Author 2.0 Blueprint, which you have complimentary access to as part of my list.

You can download it here:

or directly with this link:

I first wrote the ebook in 2009, and have added and changed it over the years, the last update was August 2012. This time I have rewritten 80% of the content, because a lot has changed in 18 months!

You'll find useful information on writing, self-publishing and
marketing, as well as author-entrepreneur topics like knowing your rights and how to exploit them.

It's an 88 page ebook, so hope you find at least some of it new and helpful.

I'll be back next week with a big announcement about the direction of The Creative Penn, as I head into my 6th year online.

Happy writing!

Thanks, Joanna

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I strongly recommend Joanna Penn as a personal writing coach.

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