Friday, November 1, 2013


This is my submission for the first exercise in the Story Cartel writing course I'm taking. All and any critiquing will be appreciated. It is my first attempt in what I call Writing Out Loud.

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. Yes we were married on Halloween. It was not planned at all; serendipitous and a little bizarre. On October 28, 1995 the day started as usual. For the previous seven years we had been "living in sin" as my mother reminded us nearly every day. We got up and went to work (at the same place) and took off at lunch to buy beneficial nematodes for our yard and, of course to eat.
Heading back to work, I said "Oh, another October has come and gone. I guess it will be at least another year before we get married." You see when we did talk about marriage, we decided we didn't need it at all, but that if we ever did it would be in October for me and a date easy to remember for him. This time he answered differently than usual. He said "Well if we got a license today we could cover the waiting period and still make it in October." I nearly fainted and I think he surprised himself. So we called work to take the rest of the day off, drove downtown and got a license and started breathing funny. He said things like "I can remember Halloween because they start putting things out in the stores early." I said things like "Let's don't tell anyone; lets just do it and tell later."
So we did. In hindsight, there were many reasons that 1995 was the October to get married, but we didn't realize them all at the time; it just seemed like the right time. He had never been married and I had been married twice before and still it seemed right that day.
The people at the sub-courthouse where we went, were all dressed in halloween gear and we looked so out of place with him in a nice suit, me in a conservative but nice dress and the dozen peach-colored roses he bought me. The pictures we took were bizarre. He has NEVER forgotten an anniversary and I love October even more than before.
We probably would have remained unmarried to this day except for a few needful things. I think the main one was that we were involved in a long court case attempting to gain custody of my grandson which finally happened in 2001. It was important to the court, said our lawyer, that we were man and wife willing to make a commitment to each other before we committed to raising a child and we had to admit it was probably true. Also, I think it was bothering my two children a bit, his parents (Catholic) and of course, my wicked mother.
We have really been a long way in the past eighteen years, plus the seven, so twenty-five years. The grandson still lives with us although he is nearly twenty-one. He's in college and working and has found something he truly loves, teaching music. Some people never find the happiness he has found. He says, "I can't believe I get paid to do what I love!" We started that love at an early age. We were the ones who got him into playing saxophone because girls think its sexy. We gave him his core values and sometimes it was rough going because my husband had never raised a child and I had raised two so we were shooting from different angles. But, it took! We are so proud of him.
Yesterday, my husband and I talked on our anniversary about different things than before. We seem to have come to a point were we both realize the fullness of our time together. To quote Rod McKuen, "There were those who must have thought us mad, laughing and loving through all those bad times we had." We talked this year about how many lives we had had a positive influence in one way or another. How the seeds we had planted had come to fruition. We finally realized that we are grateful for all the opportunities we've had to love each other and others and still have some left to see us through "till death do us part".
In short, we are proud of ourselves. We are still happy together with new people wandering in and out of our lives, and we still love to help the ones we can. We have molded and shaped each other too. He has made me a better person than I could have ever expected to be and I have made him aware of the depths of human emotions. I wonder what we will talk about next Halloween.

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