Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More FREE Books plus Win a FREE Kindle

This is from Story Cartel by Joe Bunting.

Hi readers!

Right now, we have 34 new books all free in exchange for your honest review. In particular, here are a few books we recommend checking out today:

Beyond the Shadows of Tomorrow: Stories of Today's Women of Faith by Rhonda Walker
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Have you ever observed a woman who stands above all others and wondered how she did it?

For two years, author Rhonda Walker interviewed outstanding Christian women, capturing their stories of hope, waiting, and the difficulties made bearable by focusing on the glory awaiting us if we keep our faith.

Each of the women in this book feels God's presence constantly at her side, focusing not on today's shadows, but on tomorrow's sunrise. Death holds no fear, because they accept that eternity grows daily nearer. They all believe, with certainty, a Tomorrow waits just Beyond the Shadows.
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The Cricket of Crown Valley by J.J. Kovatch
When Caleb Brody's mother falls ill with a mysterious, untreatable condition, Caleb does the only thing he can do.

He becomes a drug dealer.

But dealing is complicated by his other career… as a lay chaplain in juvenile correction facility.

With most of his new earnings going to pay off other dealers and crooked guards in prison, Caleb's carefully arranged schemes begin to fail.

Then, as the diagnosis for whatever is slowly killing his mother comes into view, his Type-A executrix girlfriend comes to him with surprise news of her own...

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Enjoy your week, hopefully with a good book!

Joe from Story Cartel

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